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Web site localization


Globalisation is not just a fancy word, but an objective reality of the modern world. A typical example of globalisation is the clothes produced in China according to Italian design for a US company and being sold in the Ukraine. Due to such a trend, more and more organizations already work or consider cooperation with foreign partners, and effective work requires effective communication. That requires, besides the other issues, localization of the company web site. There is a well-known phrase: «Think globally, act locally». Altima has a big experience in development of multi-language web sites, our CMS Altimaster supports multi-languages as the core function. Our core stuff speaks 4 languages (English, French, Russian, Ukrainian) and we have experience in creating web sites in the English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Czech and Romanian languages. We have an extensive pool of professional translators who are ready to work with us on a contract basis to able offer that services.


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