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Content creation


A web site with a great design and back-end, but with a week, outdated or wrong content will not work effectively. Let’s imagine that you visit a web site and see a 2-years ago product in “New arrival”, news of the same date and “About us” text full of errors. Phones on the contact page don’t work because the telecom company has changed the numbers, but nobody has updated the info. You may guess and will be right that such a site will not bring any benefit to the owner, even worse, it may damage it’s image. Therefore, please, do not forget about your site content! The content issue should be considered on the planning stage. Let’s suppose that you plan to make not one-, but 5-language version of your web site. Take into account that for this purpose you should think about a staff or external translator to prepare the content for that version based on an original language. The same issue with a Press-release section: if you create such a page on the site, think about who and when will produce these press-releases. Check all the site sections the same way to be sure that there will be a person reliable for the content update.

If you feel, your company staff is overloaded and you need help in the content producing and support, maybe we can solve a part of your problem. We cannot produce all content for your site, a part of works should be always done in-house, but we can solve many tasks that do not require inside knowledge, such as:

  • Search and compilation of relevant articles from open sources;
  • Selection and update of industry news;
  • Content translation (see also Web sites localization);
  • Creation of fun content (games, screensavers, wallpapers);
  • Forums moderation;
  • Export data from external sources.


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