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Nowadays, a static web site is not the best possible option for most projects. Thanks to usage of scripts it is possible to solve such problems as simpler content management and update (Content Management Systems, CMS), creation of interactive systems, integration with an existing database, building e-commerce systems and many other tasks. We developed back-ends and front ends for online auction systems, b2c web sites with membership scheme, online Ad systems, shops, corporate web sites, promotional sites and much more. Our developers have skills, knowledge and experience to solve the most complex tasks in web programming.

Content management systems (CMS)

To keep the web site content up-to date is the most common problem for the web site. Updating a static web site is a rather time consuming process that requires from a site operator knowledge of at least HTML. Content management Systems (CMS) were invented to solve that task in a more effective way. They allow users without special technical skills to update the site content , an average level of computer literacy is enough to use most of good CMS on the user’s/editor’s level. Today there are many CMS, and we do not stand apart from the tendency. Altima has developed our own CMS, we call it Altimaster, and it allows us to solve most tasks of small and medium web site content management.  

Despite of we have our own CMS, Altima is rather flexible when proposing CMS for a concrete project. It’s possible that for some sites it will be better to use a 3-rd party solution, an Open Source system or to create a custom system from scratch. We strongly believe the client’s tasks and needs to be the primary factors in CMS selection.

E-commerce systems and online shops

Altima has an extensive experience in building online shops and e-commerce system. We created our 1-st project in this area in 2000 and since that time, each year we launch several sites with online payment processing, shopping carts, billing systems. We can develop a custom shopping cart, a membership billing system, do e-commerce integration in the existing web site and solve virtually any task in this area.


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