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We use animation for web quite actively. Depending on the specific of the project it can be presented both in the form of small animated elements that virtually do not increase page load time, and in the form of a whole section or whole sites in Flash. Our experience shows that animated elements can favorably stress the design of most conservative web sites, and it is a mistake to associate the Flash purely with fun and entertainment applications. For example, the Flash can be used to present the 3D model of the product or its view in different states. Below are several examples of such usage:

More simple usage can be such solutions that:

  • slideshow - Flash element that presents several photos on one page;
  • an animated menu allows navigation to be created more attractive and user-friendly, while dynamic elements in design help the company’s (product) image to be presented brighter.

After release of ActionScript 2 and especially Action Script 3,  developers have got an ability to use it (and Flex) to develop quite complex system, such as online editors for making cards, postcards, etc. Altima has developed several such projects, the last sample is

Also we can develop Flash games or  Flash cards, information about that services can be found in separate sections of our web site.

You can fill the request for proposal (RFP) form, sent us email on or call by +38 044 468-2050 to order free estimation of your project or to request more info.

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