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CD (DVD) presentations are used since mid 90-th and proved to be one of the most effective marketing tool. The presentation can tell about the company in general or be dedicated to some concrete product/service, event or exhibition. Unlike for the web animation, there are no very strict size/volume limits for the CD (DVD) presentation, a designer being allowed to use more actively video and audio inclusions, 3D objects, more complex and quality graphics. Some examples of possible CD (DVD) presentation applications are as follows:

  • Virtual object (for example, a house or a hotel) tour. Can be done as a gallery or with usage of 3D modeling, allowing walking inside the object. You can make not only a real object, but also something that you are just planning to build, like a future hotel or house.
  • General corporative presentation. Used to introduce a company to prospect clients, partners, and investors. Can be used by sales representatives, PR agencies, for direct mailing. Such a presentation can be published on a business card format CD for simpler distribution.
  • Event (exhibition) presentation. Planned and designed in such a way to briefly, clearly and brightly present a company to exhibition visitors. Designing such a presentation, we take into account correct displaying on the big size monitors and plasma screens


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