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RIA development

 RIA development

With high-tech coming many things became much simpler and easier in our days. As an example, here is Flex-technology by Adobe. With the help of it, the development of web-solutions with an interface and high leveled graphic became popular and available not only for traditional desktop, which you start from the hard disk of our computer, but also for web-solutions.


First of all, Adobe Flex is a collection of technologies released by Adobe System for the development and deployment of cross platform Rich Internet Applications (RIA) based on the proprietary Adobe Flash platform. Simply saying, a basic mission of Flex is development of the saturated, bright client applications. Applications are compiled in SWF files and played by standard Flash-player.


It is powerful instrument with the help of which can be created compound Internet-applications, both in everyday purpose and for business tasks.


Flex function


Online editors


One of the most popular Flex applications is creation online editors. With the help of online editor you can easily create the unique graphic, complementing it by original details. Altima has a great experience in development solution of such subject. For example, project of Card System allows you to edit and add your images and create original cards for sending mail to one or to the group of addressees.



The mechanism of controlling is so understandable, that editing will afford pleasure and the result will make glad.



Another successful Altima project - http://www.myphotobook.com.ua/ Here you can create and edit your own photo masterpieces!


By means of this project you can save your photos in very original way. Create your own photo book is the easiest way to keep your family pictures in order. Just choose any you want sampler, upload your images, write a description to them and choose color and size and after a few days your order will be delivered.



As you can see, the possibilities of online editors are so great that can satisfied the requirements of any user.




Another field of RIA and Flex activity is development of compound interfaces. Using Flex allows creating comfortable use and outer interface view on the new level for interface, before accessible only for desktop applications.


Here is interface example of administrative panel, developed by Altima for the French perfume shop parisbleu.com , displays a compound structure and carefully well-considered details. Besides functionality, administrative panel has attractive original look. Our basic principle in creation a compound interface is the observance rules of usability that allows creating really effective and high-quality product.




Desktop applications replacement


The technology of Flex is so adaptable, that with its help it is possible to send to the Internet a lot of desktop applications, with complete maintenance of their original look and functionality. Here is one of the examples of such desktop-application, where the programs are started not from the user computer, but directly from the Internet.


Altima solutions for the DHL Company, acquaints pilots with the features of direction and servicing of jumbo-jets and presented as internet-analog of desktop programs.


Now we can sum up, that using RIA applications we are able to lead out web-solutions on new level. This solution is differ from traditional one because of new principles of apply graphic, sounds and animation at user interface. RIA is absolutely new experience on providing of co-operation of user and system.