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Contextual advertising - (n.) Advertising on a Web site that is targeted to the specific individual who is visiting the Web site. A contextual ad system scans the text of a Web site for keywords and returns ads to the Web page based on what the user is viewing, either through ads placed on the page or pop-up ads. For example, if the user is viewing a site about sports, and the site uses contextual advertising, the user might see ads for sports-related companies, such as memorabilia dealers or ticket sellers. Contextual advertising also is used by search engines to display ads on their search results pages based on what word(s) the users has searched for.

Contextual advertising has attracted some controversy through the use of techniques such as third-party hyperlinking, where a third-party installs software onto a user’s computer that interacts with the browser by turning keywords on a Web page into links that lead to advertisers that are not paying the Web site to advertise on its pages. (source - )

A contextual ad is the advertisement that dynamically appears on a Web site.

Contextual advertising has the same aim as SEO – to attract quality, target traffic to your web site. The difference is in the way, with context Ad you pay for traffic per click (PPC Ads) or per impression to search engine where it will appear or to some network.  Below is an example of context Ad in Google with ‘logo’ as the keyword:



You will see small text blocks in the right columns – that is contextual Ads (in Google they are called Google Adwords).

Clicking on a link in such an Ad, the user will be forwarded to the web site of the advertiser.

Advantages of contextual advertising:

  • Targeted traffic – your Ad search engines see only the users who have typed the keywords that you selected, or a visitor of site with relevant to that keyword topic;
  • Instant effect – your site starts to get visitors immediately after publication of the Ad;
  • Controlled budget – you may put the cost of a click and daily limits of your advertisements
  • Comparatively low cost of a visitor against the other kinds of Internet Ads

You may find comparison of contextual advertising and SEO here.

Cost of contextual advertising

In most cases there is an auction principle for the context Ad, the advertiser who pays more gets a position in the top of list. Actual price, therefore, depends on the competitiveness of the given keyword, if you are the only one who is interested in advertising on that keyword you may pay just 5 cents, but with some keywords the cost of a click is several dollars. Some search engines also require the campaign registration fee (usually up to $50).

If you feel,  you need assistance in the organization of contextual advertizing, we are looking forward to help you with:

  • Selection of right keywords, taking into account your business specific, competition among advertisers and keyword popularity;
  • Creating the right Ad text;
  • Conducting organization efforts to set-up and monitor the Ad campaign.


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