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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO is a complex of measures that are aimed to improve a web site visibility in search engines and to attract more targeted traffic to the site from them; targeted traffic means that users, potentially interested in your services or products, will visit your web site.

An example: your company repairs GM cars in Los Angeles. The goal of SEO is to put your web site as close as possible to top results of the search by phrases ‘GM car repair Los Angeles”, “Pontiac repair Los Angeles” and the similar, ideally on the 1-st page.


Little statistics for the start: according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project researches, 84% of Internet surfers use search engines, 54% do it every day and 68% rely on such information as trustworthy and objective. Also, the half of users do not browse more than 2 pages of results, therefore, the closer your site to #1 position, the bigger its chance to be noticed.

So, the search engines are the valuable source of a big and quality audience for your web site. If you are interested in a long-term and quality growth of your web site traffic and, as a result, new clients, you should bring your attention to search engine optimization.


Search engine optimization and CONTEXTUAL ADVERTISING


What is the difference between SEO and CONTEXTUAL ADVERTISING:

  • Using CONTEXTUAL ADVERTISING, you pay directly to search engine(s) - with SEO you pay to SEO experts, and your site appears in a non-paid portion of search results of several (ideally) engines.
  •  CONTEXTUAL ADVERTISING gives an instant result - for SEO you need to wait for some time (typically 1-3 months).
  • SEO effect “lives” some time even you stop to work under it - CONTEXTUAL ADVERTISING works only while you are paying.
  •  CONTEXTUAL ADVERTISING gives you a guaranteed result - with SEO we (and any other reliable expert) can not give 100% guarantee of your top position for any keyword in any engine, what we guarantee is the increase of the target traffic.

What is better for you, SEO or CONTEXTUAL ADVERTISING?

The definite answer can be done only after your individual needs, goals and limitations are researched, while there are some common recommendations:



SEO recommended

If traffic is necessary “yesterday” (ASAP) you should definitely start from CONTEXTUAL ADVERTISING

You are interested in a long-term, quality and stable traffic growth

Budget is limited for quite significant start-up investments, the projected number of visitors is low and the cost of clicks on the concrete market is affordable

Significant traffic from search engine is expected, budget allows rather big start-up investments, cost of CONTEXTUAL ADVERTISING would be high

Need of 100% guaranteed #1 position on the given keyword

Competition among other web sites is not too tight, search engine optimization allows to get a fast and good result


In most cases, the combination of the CONTEXTUAL ADVERTISING and the SEO brings the best result, SEO allows your site traffic long-term growth, while with CONTEXTUAL ADVERTISING you can solve quick issues, like attracting users to actions/special events or getting top positions on very competitive keywords, that you have failed to reach with the SEO.


Our offer. What can we do for your site with Search Engine Optimization?:


Start-up works


  1. Current web site positioning, traffic (may require the statistic system to be installed) and search engine friendless analysis – FREE OF CHARGE
  2. Semantic analysis (research of search engine queries, selection of the best keywords/key phrases for your site) – $150 (up to 10 products/services)
  3. Web site pages optimization:

$380 - for the first 5 pages (can be optimized for 10-15 keywords)

$40 - per additional page

Selection of the best keywords for the page, modifying the page code, content, META-tags; creation of the site map if needed.

  1. Submission of the site to 5 top engines - $20

Manual submission of your site to the leading engines: Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL (DMOZ – sending a request to add). Attention: this fee doesn’t include the paid submission fee (like for commercial sites in Yahoo! directory), such expenses are to be paid extra.

  1. Compilation of additional content to the site for its better visibility in search engines.

Creation of special, search engine-friendly pages, optimized for the concrete key phrase, being badly presented on the current site – from $40 per page.

Creation of optimized text for existing pages - from $20 per page.


Regular works (monthly)


  • Web site monitoring in 5 leading search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AskJeeves, Altavista) and ongoing correction of pages:

The report on positioning will be provided.

The price depends on the number of pages to be optimized and on the keywords - $100 for the first 5 pages (10-15 keywords), $10 per additional page (2-3 keywords), so each page is optimized for 2-3 keywords (phrases).

  • Link exchange - $10 per confirmed, working link.

Search for web sites that are close to yours by subject area and that have a good PageRank, conducting correspondence with their owners regarding link exchange, placing their links to the special section of our site, control ofgetting links on their sites. The same price is for putting your site into directories and engines that do not require payment and  need no links exchange.

  • Submission of thematic articles on the corresponding resources (without the cost for writing an article) - $20 per placement

Articles can be another source of a quality link, many resources accept an article and allow the author to put a link to his site in signature. Articles are  also very useful for adding onto your own site to make it’s content base to grow up. That stimulates other search engines to visit your site and facilitates the process of the site optimization correction.

  • Creation of articles – from $50
  • Report on the conducted work, attracted traffic and positioning in the search engine – free of charge



Sample SEO budget


Let’s calculate the optimization of 10 pages of the site, with registration in 5 engines and without creation of content. As regular monthly work, will be done monitoring and correction of that 10 pages and link exchange with 10 sites.


Initial optimization:

  • Defining keywords (semantic analysis): $150
  • 10 pages optimization: $380 for the first 5 page plus $40 per 5 additional pages, total $580
  • Search engine submission: $20

Total: $600



  • Monitoring/corrections: $150
  • Link exchange: $100 - 10 links

Total: $250


You can fill the request for proposal (RFP) form, sent us email on or call by +38 044 468-2050 to order free estimation of your project or to request more info.



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