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Dedicated development team


Specialist leasing/dedicated developers.

Does you business requires constant IT efforts, while you not sure that can afford yourself have (so many) professional developers in core staff?

Consider forming dedicated developer team with us! We can build team of well-qualified and motivated developers who will work for you as an organic part of your team, but without problems that forming in-house team may bring.

Benefits of cooperation

There are two main reasons, why offshore outsourcing in general (and sub-contracting) may be economically interesting:

  • Flexibility. To hire (and if needed to fire) core staff specialist is very costly process, both in terms of time and money. Many countries labor legislation is very employee-oriented; costs of HR agencies reaches 30% of annual specialist salary; employee require to have workplace, equipments, software that you need to organize. Outsourcing remits all that problems, so almost always less expensive for short-term projects, despite the fact that inside the same country per hr rate of outsourced developer is hire than core one;
  • Insufficient supply. Often there is simply no specialists of needed qualification available in your city/country, while you urgently need them;

Outsourcing to Ukraine has some additional benefits, especially for clients from Europe:

  • We are a nearshore county for Western Europe. The time difference between Ukraine and Paris is 1 hr, with London – 2 hrs. There are direct flight to Kiev from all major European capitals, so you spend to flight not more then several hrs. European Union and Switzerland citizens do not need visas to visit Ukraine for short period, so formalities are also minimal;
  • Close culture. Despite some differences in the Ukrainian and Western European people mentality and culture, the distinctions are not as significant as, for example, with Indian or Chinese people;
  • Good pool of educated while not expensive work-force. Ukraine is the 2nd largest European country after Russia with population around 48 millions people and solid educational system, with 500 thousands students, enrolled in higher educational institutions. And in spite of the last years rally, the salaries of Ukrainian developers are still significantly lower than their Western European counterparts.

Finally, we strongly believe that Altima is a good choice among other Ukrainian companies. We have a long list of happy clients, an experienced and creative team of designers and developers, strong and well educated managers, extensive portfolio of completed projects, strict internal quality standards and proven work process methodology.

How it works?


Dedicated team work diagram
If we make dedicated developer(s) contract, our specialist (1 or more) works full-time under your direct management and do what you ask. Since our expenses and risks here are lower, we provide good discounts from regular prices for such service. The minimum 2 months contract is required, the replacement of specialist if client is not satisfied with current one is provided. Payments are done monthly, based on the number of developers working and their rates.

Ask us about what we can offer for you, via e-mail on info@altima.com.ua or call by +38 044 468-2050.