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Logo in corporate Id

Logo is one of the most important elements in corporate Id that reflects firm individuality. Successful developed corporate Id shows the level of the company in the trade industry. The term “logo” – it is an original pattern that contains full or partial name of the company. Exactly unique pattern, because it is like visiting card of your company, it plays very important commercial role. Logo is the main part of long-term design of your corporate Id.

Logo is the element that helps your future clients to recognize you company from all others.  

The logo designer starts with a very basic shape that is applied to a simple transparency effect. This can lead to a more complicated process, but one thing you must remember is that the end result should look as organic as possible.

Logo will open so many possibilities to you that later you can’t even imagine how you company lived without it.  Your company can use it in any business purpose – print it on uniform, pens, brochures and others.

Your logo should be in a vector format. What this means is that no matter how big or small you shrink or enlarge your logo, it should never pixelate or blur. Logotypes need to be used in everything from clothing tags to billboard signs - so you'll need a format that can handle the stretch. Logo should have appeal. It has to attract the client by its appearance.

A logo is NOT photography. No, you can't take a picture of your house with your digital camera and have that be your Build-logo. No, stock clipart is not logo material either. If you're confused on this concept, take your magnifying-glass tool, and zoom in as much as you can on your project.

If the logo can talk, it will say “Guys, I’m here for long!” And it’s true, because logo is not a pair of shoes that you can change whenever you want. Logo will set in the customer’s mind for a long time. You should be greatly unbiased, when you create your logo design.

However, logo will NOT relate your story. Your logo is NOT you trade mark or brand. When you create a logo for a company, remember it is “representing” your brand. Coca-Cola for example, does not have bubbles of drink in their logo - but everyone knows what the red-white ornate inscription means. Just because a company sells a specific product, doesn't mean you have to illustrate the obvious. Just because your company started small and is growing, moved, etc, doesn't mean you have to include that in your logo.

After all, logo contributes to the growth of sales. Its aim is to announce the information to a customer and show all advantages of the company.