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Project name:Ukraine

Project type:logo and slogan design

Short description:

Altima took part in a tender to develop the logo and brand slogan "Ukraine ", which was organized by the Communication Center "Ukraine-World" under the auspices of the National Agency for the preparation and holding of Euro - 2012.


The main task for competitots was to develop a design and logo of Ukraine, as well as come up with a slogan that reflects the true diversity of the Ukrainian as a state.
Altima has presented three versions:
1. “Ukraine. Get ready surprised”. The idea was to combine simple, but, at the same time, memorable, images of our country: the letter “U”, flower and riverboat of ancient Slavs, which was used by the Cossacks later. Also color solution was not chosen by chance. Red is the most widely used color in Ukrainian arts and crafts, brings positive emotions and energy of our culture.
2. “Ukraine. Just unforgettable”. At the core of this logo is flexible, simple and memorable object — ribbons, which can change its image and form. Ukraine is not only beautiful steppes, mountains and forests, Ukraine is young and growing country with open-minded people too. Silhouette “flies” easily into the future and does not look back.
3. “Ukraine. Raise your heart”. The logo is a quintessence of centuries-old wisdom of the people, which for centuries sharpened in all genres of folk art. Grain symbolizes the germ of all the best that is in the Ukrainian soul, and the letter "U" represents the schematic image of the tree of life — one of the oldest Ukrainian archetype. Logo is designed in three colors. Red is blood, symbolizing life, health, love and power. Green is the color of spring, the resurrection of nature, the wealth of flora and fauna. The brown color means the mother — the earth.