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The development process we use presumes the next phases (for the most complex solution we offer Ė web site development, other solutions allow some simplification):

 1.      Project definition

a.      Analysis

b.      Planning

c.      Clarification

2.      Web site structure planning, information design

3.      Visual, graphic design

4.      Development

a.      HTML templates, static pages

b.      Programming

5.      Testing

6.      Deployment and support

In complex projects, the circle can be repeated; new versions of the solution replace the older ones.

The 1-st phase is as a rule performed before the contract has been signed. For bigger and more complex project, it can be a subject of a separate deal. At the end of the stage the client gets a proposal with an offered solution description, a price quote and a time frame. If everything is OK, we sign the contract and the specifications where all project requirements are described and start to work.

We take a deposit (advance payment) of 30-50% from a project total sum. Remaining sum is to be paid upon reaching intermediary and final results.