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Declaration of customer’s and developer’s rights

(How we treat our clients and what we expect from them)

Altima is a customer-oriented company. We value, respect and love our clients. We exist, grow and develop thanks to them. If there are no clients interested in our service – there is no Altima.

Each our project is unique. We practice an individual approach to each project, for us, there are not even 2 similar web sites, logos or banners, each project is unique. It doesn’t mean we try to “invent a bicycle” each time. Some solutions, especially programming, are surely re-usable, but for sure they should be suited to individual needs of a concrete project and a concrete task. Using dress-industry approach, we are not a factory, but an atelier.

Work in the spirit of mutual respect and partnership. Having high respect to our clients, we expect that they will respect us as well and listen to our advices and recommendations. We do not pretend to have thorough knowledge of client individual business, however, the experience we have gathered in development of design and Internet solutions allows us to pretend our recommendations in that area to be at least carefully considered. We think,  a client should trust to us in our area of competence and should not give us such directions as “make this picture 10% larger” without serious reasons to do that.

Dispute resolution. Like in many other businesses, in the web design business there can be some disputes between the customer and the provider. In the most questionable cases we put our clients’ interests ahead and make extra steps. However, we are commercial organization, and one of our goals is to make a profit. Therefore, projects with fixed price will be done firmly in the frame of the agreed contract and specifications; fixed price means fixed amount of work, so do not expect to have a second Yahoo! if you ordered 10 pages brochure site.

Integrity and responsibility. We do not promise what we cannot do and strive to do 101% of what we have promised. If we presume to have some problem with the implementation of a project (not always due to our fault, like for example problems with client’s hosting), we inform the client about that problem in advance. We expect the same behavior from our clients.

Readiness to explain. We understand, that our clients may be not experts in web design, graphic design and Internet solutions. We are always ready to explain complex things and to tell about why we offer one or another solution for the client’s project.