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These are usual questions we receive: “How much will it cost to make a web site in your company?”, “What is the price of web site design?”. In 2 words, the answer will be – ‘not very cheap’. Deeper description is below.

In general, we can work for our client using 3 pricing methods:

  • Time-based project – the client pays us for the actual recorded time of work under the project multiplied by corresponding specialist’s per hr price;
  • Specialist leasing (see details by that link);
  • Fixed price project, where we agree the full price of the project with the client before the start of work. This is the most often scheme of work with the final client (our partners who use our sub-contracting service practice such a method, too, but less often). It will be described in more details below.


We identify ourselves as “custom web design and development provider”. Therefore, we do not offer “package” solutions, like “business card” web site for $XXX, “corporate web site” for $YYY, “e-commerce web site” for $ZZZ. Instead of that, we threat every project individually, taking into account concrete client’s needs and goals/ Therefore, we can answer that questions only after we get full info about the project from the client, do some researche and prepare a rough plan for solution to build. To be able to do that we need extensive information exchange with our prospect client.

The 1-st stage of this process is to fill our free request form - write e-mail or call to our office. We use such approach because we strongly believe that a custom built solution helps the client much better to reach his organization goals. Indeed, it costs more to build a custom site than to buy a template on Templatemonster and to hire a schoolboy to insert the content in such a “web site”. However, that higher investment is worth the result. Only with a custom web site you can distinguish your business from your competitors’ in World Wide Web and get an additional competitive advantage. Stanford University research shows that for most users in the US design is number one factor when they decide whether they should trust to a web site (link to research - http://www.consumerwebwatch.org/.../stanfordPTL_abstract.htm).

We do not promise a miracle - good web site, logo, corporate identity are neither a panacea nor the sole factor of business success, but we think, they are important elements of a successful enterprise in the 21 century.

The custom approach is especially true for design. In programming, of course, many solutions are re-usable, however, even here we prefer to change our solution to suit client’s needs rather than to limit needs to suit the solution.

We do not pretend to be the cheapest web developers in the Ukraine; our prices reflect the quality of our service and the value that we bring to clients. We think, the client wins from custom works and gets a good ROI much better than from a cheap template solution.