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Altima was created in the spring of 2000 by the private investors group as a professional provider of Internet solutions. That time was a time of rapid Internet development in the Ukraine, the wave of dotcom bubble reached the country and boosted the local market. The entity was registered and started official work in June 2000. Due to professional technical and managerial teams, Altima quickly took a good share on the local market.

In 2001 Internet bubble blown off and the local market started to shrink. That meant the problems with obtaining new orders and reduction of profit margin for Altima/ There were tough times for the company, the key management of Altima was changed that year. Company’s activity was diversified, Altima started to offer web design and development services on the foreign markets, working as outsourcing provider for western customers. Thanks to high quality of service and affordable for the US and Western Europe price level, outsourcing business of Altima has been successfully developed, and now it takes a big share in company’s business. Since 2004 the local market has started to recover as well, and currently Altima serves both foreign and local clients.

Altima today



  • 25 high professional experts:
  • 6 designers
  • 11 programmers
  • 5 technical designers
  • copywriter
  • SEO expert
  • Back office (3 persons) providing successful support of main company's services
  • Experienced management team – 3 specialists that have a great experience in the field of IT-technology and economy



  • Optimized development process with internal quality standards
  • Experience based on more than 500 completed projects for more than 60 clients since the year 2000
  • Extensive knowledge base of developed solutions and methods
  • Several propriety products in web development



  • 3 offices in Kiev, Kherson and Nikolaev
  • Effective legal entity’s structure


The combination of the factors mentioned above lets Altima to develop quality solutions that help our customers’ business to develop and grow.